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Attendees at this year’s Alaska PTAC statewide Government Contracting on the Alaska Horizon Conference heard from state leaders, economists, and business experts as they discussed Alaska’s economy and business climate.   Contrary to the media’s focus, the economic future of Alaska is not so bleak.  While sustained oil prices and cuts to the state budget are pointing to slower economic growth, other industry sectors show growth offsetting many of those reductions.  The overall picture points to good news for contractors as government contracting opportunities should hold steady in the state throughout the next two years.

Attendees heard reassuring messages about the state’s economy from both the state’s Economist, Neil Fried, and University of Alaska Economics Professor Gunnar Knapp  Both presented overviews highlighting the impact of lower oil prices on the state budget.

Dr. Fried’s presentation delved into the complex interaction of multiple factors leading to slower growth, with the price of oil being only one factor.  Dr. Fried also stressed that although the state is overly dependent on oil prices, it is better positioned to withstand a temporary dip in oil revenue than it has been in the past.  The upshot being that the growth expected in the coming year in sectors such as tourism and health care services, will help sustain the overall state economy while oil prices are down.

Illustrating the basic challenges faced by legislators as they finalize state budget decisions this year, Dr. Knapp walked the audience through a thematic presentation comparing state budget decisions with the budget decisions of families across the state.  This practical approach to budgeting demonstrated that budget cuts cannot be the only strategy used to help address the state’s long-term budget woes.  Three combined strategies–broadening the state’s revenue base to reduce dependence on oil revenue, extending the state’s tax base, and using Permanent Fund monies- will ultimately be necessary to avoid budget instability in the future.

Conference attendees also heard positive news from contracting and procurement officers representing state, federal and municipal agencies as they described ongoing and upcoming projects.  From the discussions it appears as though contracting activities will be relatively stable over these next few years.  One consistent theme however, was the focus on increasing competition for awards, alerting contractors that more effort may be required to win awards in the future.

Click here to review the conference presentations and materials on our website for further information on the topics discussed.

~Compiled by Donna Steward, Alaska PTAC 
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