Electronic Bidding and the Alaska DOT&PF Updates

Bid Express Electronic Bidding is coming to Alaska DOT&PF for all large procurement construction contracts advertised after May 14, 2018.

February 1st Update includes:
■ Alaska DOT&PF AASHTOWare Vendor List
■ Announcement of Bid Express Web Training Dates & Times
■ Information on Electronic Bid Bonds

Bid Express Web Training for contractors provided by the Bid Express team will be held on the following dates/times. Training sessions will be 2 hours in length:
■ Tuesday, April 17th @ 2:00pm
■ Thursday, April 19th @ 9:00am
■ Tuesday, April 24th @ 9:00am

Bids from contractors not on the AASHTOWare Vendor List will be non-responsive. Get your company on the Alaska DOT&PF AASHTOWare Vendor List now! Click Here for Instructions: http://bit.ly/2Fyi0L9

For more information, please visit the AASHTOWare Project page for Contractors.