Featuring BidMatch, PTAC’s Solicitation Search Tool

One of the most difficult aspects of government contracting is finding the solicitation opportunities. It is difficult to track and search federal, state and local government websites trying to find new jobs up for bid. BidMatch, a solicitation search software, captures solicitation data from 200+ procurement databases then delivers the information via a daily email. BidMatch allows businesses to create individualized search profiles based on their capabilities. This webinar will discuss how to create an effective search profile using the correct keywords, NAICS codes and classification codes, time efficient usage of the BidMatch notices and how to use Contract Opportunities to its full potential. Join Jody King, PTAC Contract Specialist, and learn more about to make the most of this free service. Attendees will learn how to create a diverse data set that provides successful search results. Information will be provided on how to start your BidMatch profile immediately after attending the webinar. BidMatch is a solicitation search tool that is free for active Alaska PTAC clients. You do not need an existing BidMatch profile to attend this workshop.