Scrutinizing Solicitation Evaluation Factors

The purpose of the proposal evaluation process is to provide a mechanism to determine which offers submitted in response to a solicitation best meet the government’s stated needs. Unfortunately, too many businesses only look at the Scope/Statement of Work and then start writing their proposal. A savvy proposal expert knows that reading the entire solicitation is critical to proposal success. The solicitation documents should paint a clear picture of the government’s need as well as how that need has been successfully met. It is also important to understand how the source selection team and/or the contracting officer is going to determine the awardee. Because the source selection decision is based on the proposal evaluation, it is important that the evaluation criteria clearly reflect the Government’s need & facilitate preparation of proposals that best satisfy that need. To do this, you must understand how your proposal is graded against the evaluation criteria listed in the solicitation. Is the evaluation going to be based on a low price technically acceptable (LPTA) process or will there be a trade-off “best value” approach? If it is a best value approach – how are the evaluation factors and sub-factors ranked? This webinar will take a close look at the various types of evaluation factors and discus how to align your proposal towards those factors that the contracting officer has deemed most important.