Impact: PTAC at Work

In 2016 Alaska PTAC assisted more than 375 Alaskan owned businesses who were awarded  prime and subcontracts valued at over $783 million dollars. 

Delivering Results 

• Served clients in over 70 Alaska communities

•  Presented 70 training events and hundreds of one-on-one counseling sessions

•  Reported over 375 contract awards worth over $783 million to PTAC clients

•  Helped government agencies locate qualified vendors

•  Sponsored annual statewide government contracting conference

•  Assisted over 399 vendors vital to the national supply chain

The success of the Alaska PTAC clients provides local jobs, increased tax revenue and a greater involvement in government-funded projects.  Increasing the state’s contractor base means more competition and better value for our military, our other government agencies and the American Taxpayer. The Alaska PTAC is making a difference!