Change in Will Affect Third-Party Roles

To ensure entities are in control of who has permission to edit and maintain their information, individuals assigned a Entity Administrator role must hold a position within the entity (e.g., employees, officers, board members), and cannot be a third party acting on behalf of the entity.

Effective September 16, 2022, Entity Administrators assigning new roles to third parties will only be able to assign a Data Entry role to third parties.  Entities assigning Entity Administrator roles using a notarized letter will no longer be able to assign the entity administrator role to a third party. Existing Entity Administrators who are third parties will retain those roles for now.

At a later date, Entity Administrator roles assigned to third parties will be converted to Data Entry roles.  With a Data Entry role, third parties can still create and manage entity registrations, but cannot manage roles.

Entities that do not use a third party to manage their registration are not affected. Remember, it is 100% free to use You do not need to pay a fee to register your entity or to keep your entity registration active. does not endorse any third party firm.

What should I do as an entity?

If you have chosen to use a third party to assist with managing your registration, you will need to have an Entity Administrator who holds a position within your entity.  An Entity Administrator within your entity can assign Data Entry roles to third parties through the role management tools in

To view your current roles, sign in to and go to your Workspace. Locate your Profile and then select “My Roles.” Roles are assigned per entity and by domain. Read this guide for more about roles and permissions.

We strongly encourage entities to have at least one backup Entity Administrator assigned in case of staff changes or absences.

What should I do as a third party? 

Be aware that third parties seeking a new role with an entity will be assigned Data Entry roles starting September 16. Eventually, Entity Administrator roles currently assigned to third parties will be phased out and updated to Data Entry roles. Read more about what you can do with a Data Entry role here. Rest assured that you can continue to create and manage registrations on behalf of entities with a Data Entry role. The only limitation is that you will no longer be able to assign roles to others.